The Unsinakble Spirit
Sailing Adventure Series
Sailing Adventure Series

Imagine...’re 25, married and have a newborn son. were raised in the prairies where you still live. own a modest house and used car. take your 4 month old to a babysitter and go to work as a secretary. really love your husband. laugh when he says, "Let's buy a boat and sail to Australia."
..."Yea - really?" you say "How?" don't worry about it. Why should you?
...he doesn't know how to sail and the ocean is 500 miles away. know Australia is somewhere out there a million miles away. chance in hell it's going to happen. know there's no money to buy a new car, never mind a boat.

The Doldrums, South Pacific Play Time


What you don't know...
...within 3 months you'll embark on a world-wide adventure that will last 3 decades.'ll fight storms, illness & adversities beyond your wildest imagination.'ll give birth to another baby along the way.
...your life and the lives of your children will be challenged every step of the way. soon realize you're living the greatest family adventure since Swiss Family Robinson.


Aloha Hawaii, The Shark That Never Said Die

Fish for Dinner Anyone? Trevor and Playmates - Suwarrow, Kiribati

Tonga, South Pacific

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The Unsinkable Spirit series, a compilation of true sailing adventures, is perfect for anyone who loves to read. The stories are fun, inspirational, motivational, heart-warming and will entertain the whole family - whether young or old, sea mariners or not. "In Search of Love, Adventure & Riches" and "To Sea With Fear" are the first two episodes of The Unsinkable Spirit sailing adventure book series authored by Boris and Shirley King.

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